219 Days of Rain

219 Days of Rain
219 Days of Rain
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It’s raining in a small provincial town. It’s been raining for months, day in and day out. No-one remembers this ever having happened before and it is on everyone’s mind. First came the water, with no restrain it poured everywhere, into the streets, into the lanes, it even struggled to get into the houses. Then came the damp. It became one with the air, it made its home in the walls, it embedded itself in people’s bones. Next came the mud which, stuck to their shoes, came everywhere with them. People became anxious, whiny. Something was wrong. They had all reached their limits. That is, until they became used to it. Silently they accepted it and continued their lives in a daze. In the end, the worst came. It was something that came to their homes uninvited and without consideration. The murders came. Death… At noon on Saturday they found the first victim, twelve-year old Katina Tsapakides. Officer Skiadas, restless and furious, began to search for the “who” and the “why”. And that which he discovered terrified him. The press, society, his superiors, but, above all, his consciousness, hounded him. There were too many people, too many victims… and time was not on his side. With chaos all around him, rain and blood, he felt as if the world was like a ship with no captain and that God was absent. Or maybe not?

By Aphrodite Vakali. 456 pages. Paperback. 14 X 21 cm. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-0862-0