The enigma of the cherry pie

The enigma of the cherry pie
The enigma of the cherry pie
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Two women, two destinies joined like the ingredients of a recipe with a bitter sweet taste.

A willl, a notebook with desert recipes and a strange treasure hunt game bring Ellie to Kefalonia. Her goal to prepare the festive cherry pie of Aunt Martha thereby fulfilling her last wish of this enigmatic woman who determined her fate ...

The fond memories of her childhood mingle with the grim memory of a poisoning attempt and hatred that nested inside her.

But where the lie ends and where the truth begins?

In the shadow of her mother's sister, Ellie asked to perform six puzzle-recipes and unlock one by one the secrets that haunt their lives and many others. With Manos and friends who acquires the island as allies, she will face her blurry memories and retrieve from the distant past, a story that it's time to come to light.

Martha's life is the canvas that makes the recipe of the cherry pie mean much more than words can say...

Can the dead apologize?

By Basia Akarepi. 424 pages. Paperback. Imported. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-605-204-0