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Argyro. MY Greece - SOLD OUT
Argyro. MY Greece - SOLD OUT
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Key ingredients to the "recipe of Greek cuisine", which succeeded as it is one of the most delicious in the world, were the high quality products of the Greek land and gastronomical imagination of the Greek people, fostered by cultural fermentation. In an effort to describe to friends and to all those who ask me about the uniqueness of the Greek cuisine and features that make it so special, I usually say that the sides of the cuisine are as many, as the relevant geographic diversity of our country. As for the connection of contemporary Greek cuisine in the diet of the ancient Greeks, the Byzantines, the Ottoman period and later, when the Greek state was established, I believe that the kitchen takes us back in time as far as our tradition years. Starting from the delicious journey in the history of Greek cuisine, we need to go to the starting point, to see how it all started and how we still have the same eating habits, which inspired many cultures.

This is the newest book of Argygo Barbarigou which is a best seller in Greece. 120 authentic recipes. 267 pages. Hard cover. Ouranos media.

ISBN: 9786188003828

About the author:

Argiro Barbarigou was born and raised in the island of Paros. During the past couple of years she has lives permanently in Athens. She cooks professionally for twelve years. She is the owner of the restaurant "Papadakis", which operated with great success in Paros and was moved to Athens in 2005. She is engaged professionally in cooking and her talent and experience are accompanied by studies as during the 2004-2005 winter she attended intensive courses in French cuisine at Cordon Bleu Cooking School in London. There were pastry seminars next to Stelios Parliaros and the Valhrona Pastry School in France. She collaborated with newspapers, magazines and as a consultant presenting cooking classes at a multinational food company, she presents cooking shows on television and she writes cooking articles on newspapers and magazines. She has been awarded as "The Woman of the Year" by "Life & Style" magazine.