Betrayed Moon

Betrayed Moon
Betrayed Moon
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Ellie, a beautiful modern woman, tired and disappointed by a long-term relationship leading nowhere, splits up with her partner and decides to go away on summer vacation with her best friend. One night, in a bar on the island where they have gone, she is charmed by the presence of an arresting yet serious-looking young man. When they get to know each other and start to spend time together, she soon realizes that Alexander prefers men sexually. So a friendship begins to develop between them which continues even after the end of their vacation. Despite Alexander’s sexual preferences, a strange attraction grows between them which, after a long time, leads to a passion-filled night. From that moment on, his behavior towards her changes and he begins to avoid her. However it is not only Alexander’s behavior that begins to worry Ellie but something else, something much more shocking. She believed that the two of them didn’t have any secrets yet it seems that Alexander had been hiding something that would change his life - and hers - forever. Social norms have their own strict colours and it is very difficult for them to co-exist with bright, dazzling colours, however beautiful they may be. Τhey too, however, are colours of nature…

By Chryssiida Dimoulidou. 248 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2460-6