The captives of shadows

The captives of shadows - NEW
The captives of shadows - NEW
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Sebastian Daniel Alexander Payne was raised with cruelty for only one purpose: to fulfill the scriptures of an ancient Celtic prophecy which believed blindly two rival mystical guilds. He had the mark. He was royal descendant. And should have united with the One to bring the world a creature perfect invulnerability from all diseases, intelligent and charismatic, which was to determine the fate of the world. The Sereti Carolina grew up sheltered from the same fate, considering that the lotus sign skin was a random defect, although of little girl senses that its existence would determine somehow her life. He never believed. Select the conflict, fleeing, war. She never learned. He lived with dreaming and charming fairy tales, until the start of the battle. But as strongly resisted both the furor of persistence and vision of sovereignty, the more powerful were mercilessly invisible forces leading to their union. He was the One and the One, the descendants of the same king. They carried the same omnipotent fate. They were prisoners of the shadows, threatening to drown in their lives gray clouds. As death is lurking, and love seeks the sword that will cut the chains and fear continually alternates with hope, like shields made of paper and dust. Sebastian and Carolina are struggling to break the bonds and be relieved of the burden of Prophecy. Will they succeed, or will eventually capitulate in destiny? "She could not speak, so I just katenefse. With relief he stayed alone again, and again relied on railing looking at the floodlit garden. He brought a hand to her neck and put his fingers between the scarf and her skin. Panic. Warning. Get out! Go now! The sight blurred. In the ears ceased to hear the soft music playing pianist. Wild melodies began to sound inside her head, exacerbating dizziness. Melodies war. Melodies from ancient trumpets. Sounds of waves burst angrily rocks, entrained by the merciless north wind. Voices of young girls. Voices ancient warriors. What was that; go mad? Danger".

By Euaggelia Eystathiou. 704 pages. Paperback. Imported. Livanis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-14-2942-7