Christmas Gift Set 1 – Psichogios one

Christmas Gift Set 1 – Psichogios one
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This Christmas Gift Set consists of the 3 following novels from Psichogios publications:

The Mistress (Item# NOVPSHAGAP)

The daughter of a good family from Athens, Roza was born a rebellious, wild red-haired girl. Many attributed her insubordinate personality to the fact that she had been brought up too liberally, with a mother closed up inside her own world and her father a superficial bon viveur. The young woman sends ripples of shock through her family when, in the summer of 1914, she falls in love with Harry, a poor student of medicine from the until recently Turkish-occupied regions of Macedonia. On the brink of World War I and as political strife divides the entire country, Roza takes on the ideology of the Venizelos campaign, defying her royal loyalties, and thus acquiring the ironic nickname: “the Turk’s mistress”. The life of a daring and special woman who lived during the turbulent times of National Discord and the years following it, who didn’t hesitate to renounce her privileged social position and to go against the dominant ethics, following her heart…

By Sophie Theodoridou. 544 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2547-4

The Roads of the Rain (Item# NOPSOIDRTBRO)

Three women, each following a different path - or perhaps, unbeknown to themselves, the same one - meet in 1922 in Thessaloniki. Soumela, from the Pontus, and Veronique, from Armenia, both carry their own personal drama and the weight of the genocide of their countrymen on their shoulders. Jasmine, from Thrace, on the other, arrives in Thessaloniki carrying, in her womb, the unborn child of her Turkish rapist. The Occupation and Civil War leave new searing marks on Jasmine’s life, awakening feelings of guilt regarding secrets that she never uttered. Will she allow life make decisions for her or will she manage to change things? What will happen when, years later, she decides to let out the skeletons and demons of the closet of her soul? The novel is a journey of traumas and wounds, secrets, loves and passions, absences and meetings determined by history and fate. It is a tale in which events and situations overturn the lives of the heroes and created opportunities and outlets so they may escape from the spiral into which they have been thrown.

By Eleftheria Chatzopoulou. 544 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2188-9

Yinati. The Wiseman of the Lake (Item# NOVPSGINATI)

Zotos and Hawai, with their tumultuous relationship; an enigmatic boatsman; a mysterious woman looking for a room one night and a man for a lifetime; satanic charlatan doctor Margazis and fortune-hunter father Leras, who boasts about taking removing sins from women as well as their underwear, all get caught up in a crazy dance which rises and then explodes in the face of a murder, a suicide, the fear of vengeance, the indignation of society, wealth, poverty, jealousy, lust, unspeakable crives, national identity and the devil or angel that we hide within us. And their lives go on at times like a roaring river and at other like pleasure of spring. Protagonists and side characters appear side by side during the years of the Italian occupation of Ioannina in 1917, the first attempts at the creation of a Vlach principality in Pindos, the mining of petrol in Dragopsa, the Asia Minor campaign, the expulsion of the Greeks of Asia Minor and the Pontus, but also of the Turks from Ioannina, the discord between those supporting Eleftherios Venizelos and those not, and the thievery and bandits of Epirus. At the same time, they also follow in the footsteps of the Jews, the Vlachs, the Albanians and the Sarakatsani, and even more generally, the turbulent times prior to 1922 and during the first decade of the Midwar years. In one homeland, different worlds, groups and individuals coexist or clash, dreams come together or separate and blood, religion and languages are joined and combined – and all this in the city of Ioannina, a city of legend and mysterious charm.

By Yiannis Kalpouzos. 576 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2395-1