Crown from Aspalathos

Crown from Aspalathos
Crown from Aspalathos
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One beautiful summer’s day in 1939, Cassiani peaks out from her bedroom curtain and sees an unknown lad drinking a cup of coffee in their neighbours’s courtyard. Little did she know that this was the man who would mark her life forever. The young fifteen year old girl lived smothered by her rural environment and under the shadow of her strict missionary father. Eighteen-year old Lykourgos, however, dreamed only of his future at the university in the capital. Both youths would become joined by the sweet taste of a teenage kiss and the pain of a harsh punishment. They would be separated by their choices, but also by history itself. In the years to come, Cassie would be forced to carry burdens she was never meant to bear. Confronted by an unforgiving regime and a wounded society, she often feels ostracized for his mistakes as well as the wreath that he had worn on her head. The asphyxiating nature of her new world forces herself to deny everything - even her feminine self - until the day that she realizes that something like that is not possible. A provincial town in the inter-World War years through to the post Civil War decade of the 1950s, this is a sweeping saga of a couple swept away by the torrid events of the times - a beautiful, yet thorny, wreath of aspalathus…

By Sophie Theodoridou. 544 pages. 14 X 21 cm. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-0963-4

About the author

Sophie Theodoridou is from Almopia, a small province in the Prefecture of Pella. She studied to be a kindergarten teacher in Thessaloniki, and she then moved back home where she lives with her family to this day. She loves painting and literature and believes that her love for the latter is what finally led her to writing. PSYCHOGIOS Publications have published her novels THE BRIDE WORE BLACK, TELL ME IF YOU REMEMBER ME, FOOTPRINTS OF BARE FEET and THE SIN OF BEAUTY.