The Dance of Symbols

The Dance of Symbols
The Dance of Symbols
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Nikitas Savvakis’ gift in mathematics foretold a bright future for the boy. Fate, however, breaks down his nonchalance. His parents are left unemployed and, shortly after, they have a serious accident. The young man is forced to interrupt his studies and abandon his drams. Distraught, he begins working as a waiter and then as a delivery boy. All he can do is to think about the words and the years that he has lost. Nevertheless, his adulation for science will lead him to accept and great challenge that will surpass even his wildest dreams. Making his way through adversities, and with the help of his beloved Elena, he will follow a path that will take him to great heights. Menios Sakellaropoulos novel is a stunning journey of the soul from Mt. Psiloritis and Chania, to Cambridge and Oslo. It is a dance of intricate numbers and an ode to strength which fights against fate and the times in order to reach the highest successes.

By Menios Sakellaropoulos. 480 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2289-3