Deep Blue

Deep Blue
Deep Blue
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“You are my small orange blossom!” he whispered to her. She became intoxicated by the nectar of the sun, bent her head, and slowly and gradually agreed to become his small orange blossom. His voice sent her high above, even higher than the seven heavens of his poet, his passion swept her away. And all became one: one great love… Alice betrays the man she loves, caressing her wounds in the arms of a child. Yiannis is disappointed by rejection, turning his hate into revenge. Christina feels vulnerable in the face of love, paying a high price in return. Alexander takes his dreams down the harshest paths of truth. Four people fighting against the winds of their lives, playing with the games of their souls and trying to reach catharsis through repeated twists and turns. And between them lies “love”. Love that endures and supports, dances and sings. Love that is the sea and the sky at the same time… until they become one. A captivating deep blue…

By Rena Rossi Zairi. 384 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psicogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1366-2