Don't shoot the Bride

Don't shoot the Bride
Don't shoot the Bride
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When the 30-year-old Anna receives a wedding invitation from her colleague Marianthi, who is also unmarried, she is panicked. She remains the only single lady between her friends and the fact that she will have to attend unaccompanied yet another wedding and that she should have to receive the compassionate comments but also the questionable looks of all the guests, she reaches her limits. The words of her deceased grandmother Annio haunt her: "Look, do not stay single forever like your aunt Chrysoula." Yet, from a little girl she was dreaming the day she would wear the white wedding dress. How did she managed and she is not only without a spouse but without a partner? She is tainted, she is well educated, she has a good job and her own home, so what is wrong? How will she justify again the absence of a man beside her? This time Anna is determined to get to the end.

When there are immense obstacles in front of your greatest desires, two things happen: Either you give up or you get mad. And Anna got mad. In this wedding she has to appear with a husband ... or at least a fiancée. She only has two weeks left to find him. But she does not know that sometimes our greatest desire may end up being the worst nightmare...

By Chryssida Dimoulidou. 344 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1720-2