To skoulariki tis tuxis

The earing of luck
The earing of luck
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When Mary met Ari, she was certain that their relationship wouldn’t last long. That said logic. He was a few years younger, he came from a wealthy family, was stubborn and spoiled. It was obvious that hardly matched and nothing was indicating the dramatic turn that the events would take.

But fate stipulated their lives differently. He had given in from the first moment he saw her and did what his passionate passion dictated.

When the conflict with the logic became a brutal war, Mary was found in a stone house without realizing, in the middle of nowhere. Her memory was not helping her at all to understand neither how nor when she got there, while the inhospitable landscape of the wildlife created bleak thoughts.

One thing she was certain: behind all this adventure it was the evil mind of Ari’s brother. And while she was determined to close the accounts with the people who made a mess in her life, the little winged god had other plans and waited patiently until the moment that he would write his last word.

By Katie Economou. 408 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.