Emerald Prison

Emerald Prison
Emerald Prison
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In mountainous Volimes of Zakynthos, the elderly journalist, Kimonas Haritos is experiencing twenty years of loneliness. Somewhere in between his effort to forget the emerald eyes that marked his life, to punish himself for his immoral and lawless acts and to set free from his emerald jail, he is holding in the rocking chair his ultimate consolation, his cat, and he reminisces his past.

One rainy morning, an unexpected visit from a young girl comes to disturb the calm and to travel him back in time. Because of her, he relives his past and everything passes again in front of his eyes: his professional advancement and full of intrigue in the world of journalism life, the glory, the passions, family, friendship, losses, the need for redemption ... All these, however, had a common denominator: Smaragda, the woman who woke up his most extreme erotic passion, the woman where in her eyes were two nested rare green emeralds and they sentenced him to a loving life imprisonment, the woman for which he lived all his life with the vain hope that someday they will be together.

With the backdrop of the "Flower of the East", the narrative train starts the journey with bound for Kimonís redemption. However, the plans and the nets of destiny are far away of his expectations ...

About the author

Kyriakos Kouzoumis was born and raised in Athens. He studied Communication and Media Mass Media at the National University of Athens. He worked as a journalist at the radio station ANT-1, a local newspaper in southern suburbs and the state television channel, ERT and radio channel, NET. His second great love after journalism is writing. Emerald Prison is his first book.

By Kyriakos Kouzoumis. 415 pages. Paperback. Imported. Savalas publications.

ISBN: 978-960-493-030-2