Everyday Greek by Argyro Barbarigou

Everyday Greek with Argyro Barbarigou (Greek Edition) - OUT OF PRINT
Everyday Greek with Argyro Barbarigou (Greek Edition) - OUT OF PRINT
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Product Description

In the NEW -2010- book of Argyro Barbarigou you will find 151 guaranteed recipes for mouth watering homemade food and deserts that are to be a hit. Her foods are well know through her restaurants in Paros and Kolonaki as well as via her daily TV-shows on the biggest networks.

With love for first-class Greek cuisine and the best ingredients by her side, she offers daily dishes with all the details and with precise instructions for perfect results. With simple ingredients that you have in your kitchen and by following exactly her instructions, you will create amazing dishes for your family and your guests.

The book has 9 different sections:

Everyday dishes

Sunday dishes

30 min recipes

Recipes that kids love

Party recipes

Christmas dishes

Easter dishes

Fruits and Ice cream


Every recipe comes with an " arrangement/presentation" suggestion (pictured).

340 Pages, Hard cover