Everything I Wanted to Give

Everything I Wanted to Give by Lena Manta
Everything I Wanted to Give by Lena Manta
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Twelve stories ... Twelve, as many as my books. In each of these give continuity to the end. To manage, I turned back and found Kostis, Marina and Natalia from Waltz with twelve gods. I looked Theano, the wolf City. I remembered the girls from the house by the river, and then had a series of Andreas and options from the Other side of the coin. It was impossible to overlook the Klailia and Paul in Love like rain. also went back to Michael from the last cigarette, and mingled with the Peace and Venia in no applause. I found from the start Iro in The soul bears, and I had the pleasure to embrace again Datta. Series had Cybele and Orestes from The five keys, and then delivered to Myrsini and Theophilus in a sorry end. Tired chose to drink a coffee on the coals, because I gave you like to give ... Now we now know what happened to all those who loved and loved ...

For this book bring you the exclusive responsibility! All of you who loved their heroes and my heroines, Missed paper characters, but true souls. You encouraged me your way to write ...

By Lena Manta. 368 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.