The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm - NEW
The Eye of the Storm - NEW
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My name is Damos Charminis and this is the story of my life. To begin with I’ll tell you how, as a twelve-year-old boy in the Thessaloniki of the 1970s, an incident came to numb any and all emotions and feelings I had and turned me into the man I was to become: “the eye of the storm”, a man who would sweep through the lives and beds of multitudes of women. I will tell you about political scandals, the dark side of the night, drugs, nightclub wars - as I experienced them, AIDS, my wild nights in Mykonos in the 1980s when the island was a paradise of golden sands, blue waters, cloudless sky and, of course, naked people. The language I use is hard and in the scenes I describe, particularly those that take place in my bed, there is nothing but raw realism - exactly as I saw and live it. I haven’t censored myself in any way, nor have I tried to be literary or lyrical as a novel would require, for I am no author. I am a man who experience my mistakes with passion. Have I regretted it? Have I been destroyed? Have I been vindicated? You will learn at the end. For one thing you can be sure: “In order to read about my life, you must be able to handle it!”

By Chryssiida Dimoulidou. 592 pages. Paperback. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1176-7