Fishsoup 2: Operation "Plug"

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There's great upheaval at the North Pole! With the royal iceberg having mysteriously gone missing, King Alex Seal orders two of his penguin secret agents to find it at any and all cost and bring it back. On the other side of the world, Vrasidas the urchin is up against a tremendous problem: the iceberg that he had brought to Mylos to save the sea bed and all his friends has begun to melt... What will happen this time? Will the penguin secret agents find the iceberg in time before it is too late? Will Vrasidas find a way to save his friends again? And what does Noah and his Ark have to do with this exciting new adventure? Yet again, prepare to be surprised by the most extraordinary adventures of Vrasidas and his antics at the bottom of the ocean - this time at the very bottom...

For children 7-8 years old.

By Giorgos Lebesis. 72 colorful pages. Hard cover.

ISBN: 978-960-496-961-6