The Five Keys

The Five Keys (Ta 5 kleidia)
The Five Keys (Ta 5 kleidia)
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NO HARM WILL COME TO HER IF YOU DO WHAT WE SAY. FIVE LOCKS, FIVE KEYS . EVERY TIME YOU OBEY, YOU WILL RECEIVE A LOCK WITH ITS KEY. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE LAST ONE ALONG WITH YOUR. IF YOU TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS, YOU WILL NEVER SEE HER ALIVE AGAIN, NOR SHALL YOU SEE HER DEAD! EXPECT INSTRUCTIONS… From that moment on, the nightmare began. Her young daughter, Margaret, was in the hands of kidnappers, tied with five chains around her, like a small animal. She couldn’t ask anyone for help since no-one knew of the child’s existence. Not even her husband, the almighty Orestes Delmouzos. All she could do was obey, whatever the price…

By Lena Manta. 527 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-0521-6

About the author

LENA MANTA is currently the most established and best-selling author of commercial fiction for women in Greece. Born in Istanbul, she moved to Greece at a very young age. Although she studied to be a nursery school teacher, Lena never practiced it as a profession. She directed her own puppet theatre for three years where she performed plays that she wrote herself as well as many adaptations of popular folk tales. She has published articles in local newspapers and also worked as director for a radio station. She is married, has two children, and lives in the outskirts of Athens. With sales of almost one million copies of her novels, Lena Manta was proclaimed “Author of the Year 2009” by Greek Life & Style Magazine. With a charismatic personality that exudes positivity and inspires all who meet her, she is extremely popular in the press as well as social media and Facebook where she is immensely active. Also, a very generous person, she has linked her name with charities, donating all of her revenues from her book EVERYTHING WILL WORK ITSELF OUT to Kethea Diavasis (a charity that aids and supports recovering drug addicts). Her books have been translated into Turkish and Albanian.