Fish soup

Fish soup - SOLD OUT
Fish soup - SOLD OUT
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Three cunning chefs decide to turn a small cove of the beautiful island of Milos into a… bubbling cauldron of fish soup! What they don’t know, however, is that news of their sneaky, cunning, devious plan quickly reaches the sea bed and Vrasidas, the courageous sea urchin, and his friends take action! And so the adventure begins…Will the clever sea creatures manage to bring down the rising sea temperature, to water down the soup and finally save their beloved cove from turning into gourmet food?

written in verses for younger kids. Includes a recipe by chef Lefteris Lazarou for the most delicious fish soup and a fun game!

By Georgos Lembesis. 48 colorful pages. Hard cover.

ISBN: 978-960-496-748-3