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A dynamic political novel with adventurous plot. The personal stories of the heroes recreate a fresco of Greece's contemporary social and political reality.

The story immediately after the war until our days. Its heroes, young people, middle-aged, elderly, all representative characters of the modern Greek, and the identity of the era that shaped them.

They live in a world that adores the petty bourgeoisie and domination of neoliberalism.

They live in a model of development that "was feeding the present but hypothecated the future". They try, they make mistakes, they become victim to the sirens of individualism, they discover hidden truths.

A few of them, bound with indivisible bonds of friendship, they fight, they seek new orientations and continue, through the faith in the values of love, of freedom, and of justice, to look for the transition into a better world.

"... In the mountains, once in their childhood, wonderful wolves lived. Then! Now, the seeds of Monsanto, mutant and humble, installed them in the big cities, changed their shape, but left the beast inside them. In the neoliberal market of the world, motherland is always black. In the endless walking streams of myriads, vision and hope fade into the inhumanity barriers of ego. "

By Nikos Skorinis. 416 pages. Paperback. Imported. Livanis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-14-3094-2