If I knew how to Love you differently

If I knew how to Love you differently
If I knew how to Love you differently
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Despite her father’s heart having been set on his daughter succeeding him, Yolanda’s passion for dance kept her far from the family business. She preferred to follow her dream: Music Academy, Laban Dance Centre, and then… to conquer each and every musical stage in the world! A whirlwind romance, however, stronger than a typhoon, derailed every aspiration and plan. This was a contradictory love, a persistent love, one that went against each and every one of her principles. This was a love that possessed her body and soul leaving her, defenseless, a slave to its every whim. What was that which could make a smart, charismatic and successful woman become so confused and insecure? Why had Yolanda lost all confidence in herself, her value, and allowed herself to become trapped in something she believed to be happiness? Of all her nearest and dearest, only Stephanos, her childhood friend, is able to predict the course of this relationship, for only he is capable of offering her the love that she deserves. Sadly, for everyone, only tragedy can bring catharsis…

By Yola Damianou-Papadopoulou. 520 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1372-3