The Lily's Tear

The Lily's Tear - SOLD OUT
The Lily's Tear - SOLD OUT
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Boston, 1950. Merope reaches the other side of the world, determined not to ever talk to anyone about her past. Love, on Memo's face, knocks on her door but she refuses to accept him for years. Entangled in a veil of mystery an no interest in life, she engages in the manufacturing of jewelry and reaches the zenith of professional success, gaining fame and riches. Thirty years later, she returns to Greece to meet her two children, Anthony and Meni, to repay an old obligation. However, the lily's tear is a strong reminder of the day when the sun left her life forever. Her death brings Anthony and Meni facing a shoking mystery.

Yiota Fotou's pen brings to light a woman's rough life that was marked by a tragic turn of fate, struggling to cope with her mistakes and the mistakes of others.

336 pages. 8th edition. Paperback. By Yiota Fotou.