The Love You Didn't Hear

The Love You Didn't Hear - NEW
The Love You Didn't Hear - NEW
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How far can someone go for love? True love, not casual, superficial love… The love that moves heaven and earth, gives birth to wars and brings chaos along with it. The one that overcomes any obstacle, accomplishes the impossible and has the power to create and destroy anything. The kind of love that Irene feels for Philip, her childhood companion, the man who embraces her disability and is the only man who accepts her exactly as she is. Philip too feels that kind of love, only not for Irene. Trapped in an eerie setting, a sunken ghost town that unintentionally is turned into a watery grave, Irene, Philip and the other individuals who are involved in their lives, become prey to their fears and their weaknesses, succumb to their innermost passions, fall in love, hurt, kill and sacrifice. In some cases even themselves. For the erotic call of some creatures is rare and unique and, unfortunately, eternally doomed never to be heard and to remain lost in the depth of loneliness. And so, yet again, the eternal question surfaces again: can someone escape that which the fates have defined? Can one triumph over loneliness and one’s difference? Can one swim against the current and, if so, at what price?

By Claire Theodorou. 424 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2132-2