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The Mark - NEW
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Steeped in the poisonous thoughts created by his mind, Stephanos Dimitriou, a medical student with lustrous prospects, needs only a minute to destroy his entire life. His passion for Elvira, and a false impression which consumed him, led him to perform a heinous act that he would pay for handsomely. Guilty for murder, the youth is forced to step behind prison bars. His place of incarceration becomes his home, a hell which destroyed him, his family, and all those who came to stand by his side. He fought with his demons to remain standing, punishing himself at the same time. Fortunately, the barbed wire donít touch his soul and fate decides to direct a new plan for his life. Best-selling author and journalist Menios Sakellaropoulos returns with a heart-wrenching story that grabs its readers from the very first page, stirring them and keeping them reading until the very last.

By Menios Sakellaropoulos. 440 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1266-5