Metaixmio Summer Novel Package 5

Metaixmio Summer Novel Package 5
Metaixmio Summer Novel Package 5
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This is a summer novel package from renown Metaixmio publications that includes the following 4 titles:

The Passing (Item# NOMETTPER)

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A winter night in a small island in the southern Aegean with 120 residents, shipwrecked a boat with more than three hundred refugees. Bad weather, bureaucracy, indifference, but also the practical impossibility of the first Authorities of the capital and at the nearby Grand Island, delaying care procedures, registration, control and transfer of newcomers, forcing the two communities to live together for four days. The numeric correlations in conjunction with the pressing conditions set their own rules, reverse data and roles, try until the bitter end on both sides, putting at serious risk the relationships between them. A book for the really big challenge of the season, the inevitably violent encounter different worlds, as evidenced by the ever growing population movement, the limits of humanity, and the inalienable right of all for a better life.

A story about human nature, but its weaknesses and its greatness.

By Konstantinos Tzamiotis. 264 pages. Paperback. Imported. Metaixmio publications.

ISBN: 978-618-03-0485-5


A writer makes his appearance in literature under a pseudonym and success comes surprisingly fast. He writes more books. One every two years. He brings them to light with the same nickname; Their success is bigger and bigger. However, as time passes by, he remains stifled and hidden behind his literary counterpart and feels the need to reveal his true identity. Then he discovers fearfully that he lives trapped in a peculiar psychic maze. In a desperate attempt to get out of the impasse, he is lead to the dark paths of an international antiquities gang, who hide behind the façade of a spiritual institution with particular ideological direction.

The book sheds light on the unknown aspects of literary creation. What dimensions can take the psychic world of a literary author's alter ego? What pitfalls can the hunting of a salable book hide? In which way a conspiracy story can touch his life?

By Vasilis Karagiorgos. 512 pages. Paperback. Metaixmio publications.

ISBN: 978-960-501-895-5

Akroates Syzygoi (Item# NOMETASY)

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Paul, a modern Greek banker, takes us by the time the vehicle Compass philosophical and ideological pursuits, from the current economic crisis in Greece in centers of business: Egypt, Balkans, Paris, London, America. While stirring memories and current events, narrates and analyzes the marital relationship tested by the heterogeneity of the priorities and desires of the couple. To deal with it both spouses choose to go by the passion of mikrogegonoton and put in the passion of ideas, where the problems are occasions for dialogue, the extramarital adventures of Paul lead to the conclusion that much more real lives within the context of marriage and the homoerotic search Nefeli leads to the safety of her husband's otherness.

Stories and Reflections tethered to a novel that raises the question of whether modern man still has the right to a balanced life.

By Triantafyllos Lysimaxou. 321 pages. Paperback. Metaixmio publications.

ISBN: 978-960-566-246-2

Dark Signs (Item# NOMETDS)

A mysterious sign at the center of the city, clumsily painted on a wall, so high that it took a ladder to put it up there. So this sign definitely wants to tell us something. It has something to say for the city or the place or, finally, the hero of the book that happened to notice it and hung up on his hope to illuminate the dark mysteries of life? The world and the society against each other, the youth armed with spray, another one armed with bats, a man from Holy Mountain (Agio Oros) and a Warrant Officer, a travel agent, a nurse and a model, two old friends who hate each other, a reluctant widow and an ambulance driver, interlocked and drag the dance around an amateur artist’s nightmares who is looking through the meaning of the sign to recover his lost love.

By Alexis Panselinos. 552 pages. Paperback. Metaixmio publications.

ISBN: 978-960-501-584-8