The Missing Life

The Missing Life
The Missing Life
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Shortly before the winds of war dragged one away from each other, Manolis and Eleni are united in a love that feeds on from the passion of their reunion, disregarding the cost it will have on them and their people.

When Dimitris visits the island of his mother and his uncle, he will find himself in a series of unexpected events facing old memories and deeply buried truths. At the same time, Anita will end up holding an old pocket watch whose markers have stopped forever the moment when the love of two people has passed indelibly to eternity. Along with the watch, she will wear a ring in her hand, a memory of the vow of a stormy love that forever broke the dam of time.

A true story that shows how foolish fate is, how long love lasts in time and how much we need love and forgiveness.

"The reader, like sitting in an outdoor movie theater, watches through the elaborately written words the stupefying plot that this new writer unfolds ..."

Manos Eleftherios

By Kostas Krommydas. 328 pages. Paperback. Imported. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-605-129-6