The navy wings of love

The navy wings of love
The navy wings of love
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Katerina, Lefteris and Okan are three friends living on the Greek-Turkish island border. Both boys, despite their different nationalities, are very close, while Lefteris and Katerina find their other half in each other. Life, however, plays peculiar games and the three friends paths separate. Lefteris becomes a pilot in the Greek Airforce and spends his nights in dingy bars looking for short-lived affairs. One night, in one of these bars, he is witness to a great surprise when he sees Katerina before him. Their passion re-ignites. When Lefteris brings down a Turkish airplane, he is punished by his squadron. Crushed by the events, he then receives a strange letter informing him that his father is on his deathbed. That is when he realizes that there are more important things to life. Thus, after so many years, he finally returns to his island. There, a terrible secret that will seal the three friends’ lives and future lies hidden. When time and fate try people’s relations, only friendship and love can save them.

By Thanos Kondylis. 464 pages. Paperback. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-0433-2