Nightmares - illusion

Nightmares - illusion
Nightmares - illusion
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It was too late to save her life.

But my promise had to do with her soul.

The end of the summer finds Raymond Knight in Dogwoods with painful memories and bad choices. Either he would leave his past behind for one more time, or he would allow to eat his body and soul.

Having lost Onora, he decides to fulfil the order he has given: He would save the soul of his loved one, even if he had to dive to hell for her.

He begins voluntarily the journey in the world of souls with new and unexpected allies by his side. And juggling at the edge of madness, he will reach a tremendous revelation that will tear apart all those things that until now he was taking as given.

By Artemis Veloudou-Apokotou. 577 pages. Paperback. Imported. iWrite publications.

ISBN: 978-618-5067-81-6