One last Apology

One last Apology by Lena Manta
One last Apology by Lena Manta
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Myrsini Sermeni-Tsakiri-Idomenea She was the daughter of Sarantis Sermenis. Driven out of her home by her parents because she fell passionately in love with her brother’s wife, she could be described as a nondescript, plain, almost ugly woman, who grew up in a home without any love and filled with severity and harshness. She was the wife of Kostas Tsakiris, a man she despised and who she was forced to marry. She was fortunate that is was not long before she became his widow. She was the wife of Themistocles Idomeneas, son of Colonel Miltiades Idomeneas, during the time of the Colonel’s Dictatorship, a time where leftists and homosexuals found themselves targeted for their ideologies and conduct. She was the sister of Theofilos Vergos, illegitimate son of her father. Myrsini saw everything in her life. She experienced and endured all. The only thing she never came to hear was… an apology.

By Lena Manta. 496 pages. Paperback. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-0965-8