Once upon a time in Salonica

Once upon a time in Salonica
Once upon a time in Salonica
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Christina Papazoglou and Alberto Matalon met in Thessaloniki (Salonica) in 1927. They were neighbors and went to the same school. These, however, were also the only things that they had in common. She was the niece of the metropolitan of the city, and he was the son of a wealthy Jewish family. Their romance seemed nothing but doomed from the start. In Salonica, in the years between the two world wars, a mosaic of refugees, poverty, but also a wealthy and blooming Jewish community, the rules of society and religion, didn’t give the couple much choice but to follow its own separate path. From Thessaloniki to Athens, and from there on to distant Vienna, Alberto and Christina bear witness to turbulent times before the Second World War. And then, when war breaks out, everything they had held as a given is suddenly overturned in the whirlwind of the events. Christina, Alberto, Beniko, Ninon, Roula and Asteris will be forced to confront themselves and their convictions as well as all that which, in spite of the times, they had not forsaken. A tale about a city, two communities, and the people who find themselves up against their own selves and history…

By Metaxia Kralli. 752 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1671-7