The Paths of an Angel

The Paths of an Angel
The Paths of an Angel
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Notes a prevailing life.

Engrave every lonely moment lived, not lost.

Now that the tracks end and the time off my footprints in the mist of mind, I felt the need to find those memories were my own.

Moments that were my own.

My anxieties about the books I wrote and it was mine.

Today I feel that anything I have not mine anymore.

As if I cut pieces of my soul and to have poured into the wind.

The thousands of pages I wrote. And they loved.

This book is a gift to my readers. For those who loved my books.

It is the sanctuary that I kept in my soul.

My intuition about the world and existence.

In my Angel Trails walk again. These daffodil paths the pain of initiation, the prodigal pain of love, made them ivory and Orphic song.

By Maria Lampadaridou Pothou. 416 pages. Paperback. 14 X 20.5 cm. Imported. Patakis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-166-378-4