The Promise

The Promise
The Promise
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Can a young girl disguised as a boy to enter the inner sanctum of a male sports team in order to find the murderer of her father?

Nothing is able to keep Tami away from the house of Konsito Ara and school handball Zefiro at Syracuse. The mysterious attraction the old mansion exerts and its owner, crusty and unfeeling Massimo, but also the need for justice make her take part in an unimaginable adventure that will change the course of fate. Diana’s belt, a precious heirloom which the first family countess of Konsito Ara cursed and haunts all the descendants will trouble into the gears of curse the lives of many people.

Who stole the belt?

How the curse that falls on the backs of Massimo will be solved? Who is able to fill with light his empty heart and save him from his certain death?

By Georgia Kakalopoulou. 544 pages. Paperback. Imported. Livans publications.

ISBN: 978-960-14-3070-6