Psichogios Summer Novel Package 2

Psichogios Summer Novel Package 2
Psichogios Summer Novel Package 2
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This is a summer novel package from renown Psichogios publications that includes the following 4 titles:

Hard Truths (Item# NOPSSKLALH)

How many truths can a book of fiction hide? It is November, 2015, in Massachussets, USA. Along with her mother’s will, a young student, Agnes Markou, will also take delivery of a book. In its pages are all her mother’s secrets. Those she never dared to tell anyone while she was alive - secrets of a life that was marked by unappeased passions, raging romances and unresolved crimes. Through Dimitris Dimitriadis’ writings, a man who had met and known Theodora Markou as only a few had done and had hated her more than anyone else, Agnes will find herself in Athens in the 1990s and the years of her mother’s youth. When the mysterious tale reaches its end, the young girl’s journey to Greece becomes a necessity. With her return to the scene of the crime, the dark heroes of the book will take on flesh and bones. But when the truths that are hidden in a deadly story are more than the fictions, then the twists and turns may prove to be fatal…

By Elias Moraitis. 408 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2092-9

Story without a Name (Item# NOPSISXOONO)

I know that I am mad, but love makes people mad… It is June, 1908, and Penelope Delta, the pioneer of Greek children’s literature, finds herself in a sanatorium on the outskirts of Vienna. She is a woman with a maculated life. She was sent to this asylum of tortured souls, far from her daughters, to forget Ion Dragoumis, the charming diplomat she so wildly loved - the man who was the reason for the rupture in her marriage. His visit, there, however, changes everything. With the backdrop of green wilderness and the medieval cobbled streets of central Europe, she will fight for the release of her heart, living three days with him which will mark her forever. Thirty-three year later, in April 1941, the Nazis enter Athens and Penelope, in the living room of her house in Kifissia, takes a look at her life, having come to a grim decision - to be reunited with the man who had been taken from her… Story without a name is a deeply emotional and moving novel about passion and loss, about love and memory, about family commitments, the darkness of war, and some of the most dramatic moments of modern Greek history. Based on the author’s diaries, Stefanos Dandolos pays tribute the fragile psyche of the most important Greek female author of the twentieth century.

By Stefanos Dandolos. 344 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2242-8

The Dance of Symbols (Item# NOPSOXTSYM)

Nikitas Savvakis’ gift in mathematics foretold a bright future for the boy. Fate, however, breaks down his nonchalance. His parents are left unemployed and, shortly after, they have a serious accident. The young man is forced to interrupt his studies and abandon his drams. Distraught, he begins working as a waiter and then as a delivery boy. All he can do is to think about the words and the years that he has lost. Nevertheless, his adulation for science will lead him to accept and great challenge that will surpass even his wildest dreams. Making his way through adversities, and with the help of his beloved Elena, he will follow a path that will take him to great heights. Menios Sakellaropoulos novel is a stunning journey of the soul from Mt. Psiloritis and Chania, to Cambridge and Oslo. It is a dance of intricate numbers and an ode to strength which fights against fate and the times in order to reach the highest successes.

By Menios Sakellaropoulos. 480 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2289-3

Betrayed Moon (Item# NOPSPROFEG)

Ellie, a beautiful modern woman, tired and disappointed by a long-term relationship leading nowhere, splits up with her partner and decides to go away on summer vacation with her best friend. One night, in a bar on the island where they have gone, she is charmed by the presence of an arresting yet serious-looking young man. When they get to know each other and start to spend time together, she soon realizes that Alexander prefers men sexually. So a friendship begins to develop between them which continues even after the end of their vacation. Despite Alexander’s sexual preferences, a strange attraction grows between them which, after a long time, leads to a passion-filled night. From that moment on, his behavior towards her changes and he begins to avoid her. However it is not only Alexander’s behavior that begins to worry Ellie but something else, something much more shocking. She believed that the two of them didn’t have any secrets yet it seems that Alexander had been hiding something that would change his life - and hers - forever. Social norms have their own strict colours and it is very difficult for them to co-exist with bright, dazzling colours, however beautiful they may be. Τhey too, however, are colours of nature…

By Chryssiida Dimoulidou. 248 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2460-6