Saints and Demons

Saints and Demons
Saints and Demons
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Sometimes like a colorful painting and sometimes narrating the harsh reality, Komnas Tzanis, the main companion of extraordinary beauty, prodigal, magical, generous, rebellious, saint and demon Anthia, treading in Istanbul in 1808-1831.

In woven fiction complicated aroma Hunter Wind, who make crazy the Witch and noblewomen, love and adventure paths with unexpected developments, silenced truths mistresses patriarchs, the revolution of 1821 given by the center of the Ottoman Empire, European ambassadors who sell women to the Turks, the "makelemenoi" Osmanlides circulating to angry Muslims, massacres of Christians of Constantinople and Chios by the Ottomans apothiriomenous, Pontus, the Dragatsani, Tripoli, Nafplio, Alexandria, the Maniaki.

And yet: harems, poverty, tycoons, itinerant flocks, priests charlatans, street gangs, beggars guilds, crypto, noisy and bright bazaars, huge taverns, the inputs of which stand gay boys and porters carrying with panniers drunks, slave, torture, dungeon and the police of the Patriarchate, holy water fountains, the Great School of the Nation, love spells, odalisque, black and white eunuchs in the palace of the sultan, the fancy nights of Ramadan, balls, festivals of the Greeks, marine adventures and how many but.

And all under the shadow of desire, fear and mob, and through the tame and wild, beauty and ugliness, good and bad, that can be present in the same person and to transform it, according to the conditions and situations called to face, in holy, demon, saint and demon.

By Giannis Kalpouzos. 776 pages. Paperback. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1121-7