Story without a Name

Story without a Name - NEW
Story without a Name - NEW
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I know that I am mad, but love makes people mad… It is June, 1908, and Penelope Delta, the pioneer of Greek children’s literature, finds herself in a sanatorium on the outskirts of Vienna. She is a woman with a maculated life. She was sent to this asylum of tortured souls, far from her daughters, to forget Ion Dragoumis, the charming diplomat she so wildly loved - the man who was the reason for the rupture in her marriage. His visit, there, however, changes everything. With the backdrop of green wilderness and the medieval cobbled streets of central Europe, she will fight for the release of her heart, living three days with him which will mark her forever. Thirty-three year later, in April 1941, the Nazis enter Athens and Penelope, in the living room of her house in Kifissia, takes a look at her life, having come to a grim decision - to be reunited with the man who had been taken from her… Story without a name is a deeply emotional and moving novel about passion and loss, about love and memory, about family commitments, the darkness of war, and some of the most dramatic moments of modern Greek history. Based on the author’s diaries, Stefanos Dandolos pays tribute the fragile psyche of the most important Greek female author of the twentieth century.

By Stefanos Dandolos. 344 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2242-8


Stefanos Dandolos was born in Athens in 1970 and made his first literary appearance in 1996 with the novel September’s Sleepwalkers. In 2004 acclaimed Greek author Pavlos Matesis characterized him as the most important Greek writer of his generation and in 2009 Dandolos received the Botsis Award for his overall work in prose, in the presence of the President of the Republic of Greece. Dandolos has written nine books, of which the novels Narcissuses and Cannibals, The Last Swan and Nero – I, a God, were translated and successfully published in Italy in 2006. His short stories have been included in anthologies and literary reviews abroad, while in 2008 he represented Greece at the Young Writers’ World Festival in Seoul. The Devil’s Dancer is his eighth novel and the first to be published by PSYCHOGIOS Publications.