The Survival or Greece by Way of Successive Miracles

The Survival or Greece by Way of Successive Miracles
The Survival or Greece by Way of Successive Miracles
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This book is a retrospective of the last two centuries in Greek history and offer a comprehensive account of the major events that occurred during this period, as well as their causes and protagonists. The author is a political scientist and honorary consul of the Netherlands in central Greece (Thessaly - Epirus). Constantinos Loulis has always been attracted by history and developed a love during his childhood for historic texts. It is therefore quite natural that he drafted this study and set himself the task of uncovering the truth with both sincerity and realism, qualities that are rare among those with political ambitions or dogmatic attitudes. He belongs to the category of Greeks who envisaged a prosperous country but who have also realised that they will never experience the level of prosperity sought. In this connection he provides an insight devoid of illusions regarding the evolution of his country and the shadow cast over the promises and visions of a Greece that is both independent and strong economically. He is totally independent from the different political forces and their respective ambitions and he provides a meticulous historical examination of certain “figures” in modern Greece. This leads him to conclude that some individuals have unduly been admitted into the pantheon of “immortal and infallible political beings”, whilst others have been unfairly thrown into the dustbin of history. This is an important undertaking, written in a clear and simple language and is addressed to all Greek readers who would like to know the real history of their country...

By Konstantinos Loulis. 480 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1483-6