Those that did not become words

Those that did not become words
Those that did not become words
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Athens 2016. Rosalia, an eighty-year-old woman, lives alone in an old house in Athens. One morning she discovers on the top of her bookshelf a bloody diary. From the graphic character she realizes that it is hers, but she cannot remember its existence. As it flips it, she is surprisingly unpleasant. The broken pages, the smudges and the violently cut pictures do not fit in with her graceful character. On a page she encounters a drawing that is most interested in her by the strange way it is cut. She tries to find an answer, but at the same time she feels that this forgetfulness protects her from something dark and threatening.

In the evening, as she goes to sleep while holding the diary, a piece of paper will slip from within, but she will not see it. It is the piece that was missing from the drawing that had troubled her so much.

The rusty sprocket of memory will start spinning again and bring to light shocking events, subversive truths, passion, betrayal, games of destiny and mind that shook her live.

A torn calendar, an old drawing, and the ticking of a clock will put together the last pieces of her story and in their way will reveal all of these that have not become words.

By Eleni Galinou. 432 pages. Paperback. Imported. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-605-113-5