To Dream Again

To Dream Again
To Dream Again
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You know what I would like Roubina? To make dreams again. Not big and fancy. Those other kind at least, the “second opportunity” dreams. These that don’t take you off, but they support you. This is what I would like. To dream again!

Corfu, September 1943. On the same day with the Holly Cross celebration, the island gets on fire, catastrophe and damages. Two people that didn’t know each other until yesterday, run to save themselves from German bombers.

Destiny though, will bring them together for a while and in front of the German occupation, their dreams will take an unpredictable path. Around them, people who loved them and hated them a lot, in a weird maypole of overturns. Is the second chance possible even when everything seems lost, even when evil lurks and while love gives out its promises?

A story full of dreams, expectations and hope that everything is possible in life. Because the dreams are not be locked or tried out but to be left free to fly from heart to heart.

By Ifigeneia Tekou. 352 pages. Paperback. Imported. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-605-132-6