To Not Forget Me

To Not Forget Me
To Not Forget Me
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In Paris, a woman with a mysterious past writes the last word in a letter with an unknown recipient... At the edge of her eyes is a tear for the only person who loved her. A man who "was killed" because their love was considered a crime.

At the same time, Persa swirls on the scene with her eyes closed. The stormy applause of the audience pulls her out of the ecstasy and makes her open them. An unknown man in the front row looks at her enchanted. His gaze is locked in hers. The young photographer, Konstantinos, feels like she is looking at an ancient goddess. And Persa feels she has just met the destiny she was looking for years.

A bright road opens. A thrilling true story begins to unfold by passing through Ioannina, Galaxidi and Patmos. A small blue flower in a letter conceals the big secret.

How can someone forget the past…

* Wild flower, which blossoms when the winter leaves. Among other things, it symbolizes the power of memory, of passion and of true love.

By Kostas Krommydas. 480 pages. Paperback. Imported. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-364-888-8