Two Kisses for Amelia

Two Kisses for Amelia by Rena Rossi-Zairi - NEW
Two Kisses for Amelia by Rena Rossi-Zairi - NEW
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A woman adored. A woman who had made the entire country fall in love with her. From the moment she was born, like the bud of a flower breaking through the ground, the stars shone even more brightly. Endowed with violet eyes, and an incredible talent for acting. Her life, however, was always on the edge. She hid behind mistakes and passions, secrets and lies. Murders, embezzlements, infidelities and sins… Everyman who came close to her fell in love with her. Yet every child she bore hated her for ever. She didn’t “give a damn” though. She belittled them all. For in her eyes they had no talent, no beauty, no fame. Would the time ever come for her to give away her kingdom for two simple kisses? Rena Rossi Zairi’s latest novel dips into the endless blue of the Greek islands, breathes in the charms of the eternal city of Rome and walks barefoot on the last hidden paradise of this earth.

By Rena Rossi-Zairi. 576 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publiications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1485-0