When it Gets Dark

When it Gets Dark
When it Gets Dark
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Humor, love, emotion and human moments that were born and are born every day in the bookstore, make a charming choreography with the bookseller and the readers. The main hero of the book, a quirky bookseller-writer, discovers, after his failure to write a historical novel, an inexhaustible source of inspiration in everyday bookselling life. His heroes, Eleanor, uncle Andrew, Marcella, are heroes who have a rare, on this day, romance or otherwise of the usual suspects-bookstore compose stories loosely linked between them. Discover the secret world that comes alive through the bookstore among the thousands of books, their heroes, but also the heroes of everyday life ... when it get dark!

By Giorgos Xirogiannis. 198 pages. Soft Cover.

ISBN: 960-364-305-X