When Stars Shatter

When Stars Shatter - NEW
When Stars Shatter - NEW
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Janine, an ambitious girl from a poor family, has only one goal in life: to escape from the misery of her humble neighborhood and rise up in the ranks of society. Using her stunning looks as her ticket to success, she decides to take part in the beauty pageant and win the title of Miss Greece. As the beautiful crowned beauty queen, she draws all the lights of the media upon her and suddenly, from obscurity she finds herself in the center of such fame that draws her in and carries her away. Angelo Rasmanis, a famous fashion designer, takes her under his protection and, with his guidance and advice, she becomes one of the greatest tv stars of the country. Janine redeems her success by paying every price in order to become a member of the social elite that she admired in the gossip pages. Moral values disappear in the face of money, glory and fame. The backstage of the worlds of fashion and television is dark, however, with rules that she must abide by. And, first of all, she must hide the existence of her own mother and forget where she has come from… When the glitter settles, the curtain of glory drops and the lights fall, then the dark doors in the wings open and we are confronted by reality.

By Chryssiida Dimoulidou. 312 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2407-1