Winds of Time

Winds of Time
Winds of Time
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1453, 1999. Two dates-milestones. The first marks the end of a thousand-year empire, the second the end of a millennium.

In today’s Athens, a lawyer follows the mysterious paths of a nun going back in time and in space; in the Peloponnese of the Franks and Byzantine Despots, in the slave auctions of Barbaria and in Constantinople of the end.

Parallel lives and stories. Lords and adventurers, pirates and slaves, carrying women and warriors, wise and sacred, patriots and traitors. Loves without tomorrow. Lost dreams and homelands. The awakening of the Greek consciousness, the early rebirth at Mystras and the transmigration of ancient wisdom into the West. All tangled and tied with invisible threads on the loom of time.

What is it that connects the Claire of youth, Franks’ Aneza, Pound of the Greeks, to the strange nun who wants to turn back time to change the course of history? And the attorney? What is he going to do; Will he also want to turn the time and change some of his earlier decisions or will he choose to let the winds of time scatter the past like autumn leaves?

A historical novel written with respect to History, which will be loved and touched with references to its known and unknown aspects.

By Eleni Tsamadou. 688 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1127-9