Without Safety Net

Without Safety Net
Without Safety Net
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Anna, the iron lady of a large company in which he devoted himself entirely and for which he sacrificed most of her life against her family, suddenly dismissed. The crisis, which until recently did not touch it, as it was wrapped in a cocoon of power and arrogance, and struck its own door.

From one day to the other, faces many carefully concealed beneath the mat of her life, because she had time to deal with them. It noted that the crisis had spread to her marriage, to itself, its social destination ...

The first to leave the sinking ship that is what I thought about the captain, her husband. He does not like the rusty armor, had learned it possible, had learned leader, was given the permanent offer.

But Anna is a born leader, as he used to tell her father, and will succeed even with storms, even with losses, lead ship in haven. You throw the anchor in his life and Claus will be surprised when he learned the fate wanted them together from the start, but life otherwise had planned. But really, who did never alter or delete what is meant to be?

A powerful and timely novel about the crisis generated a crisis of values​​, ideas, characters, and second chances for those who dare!

By Penny Papadaki. 312 pages. Paperback. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-0515-5

About the author:

PENNY PAPADAKI was born in Thessaloniki, but raised in the neighbourhoods of Piraeus. For many years she worked in accounting, which, however, did not succeed in placing her mind “inside the box”. For the last six years she has been working in marketing. She is married with two children and considers her family her greatest creation. A restless spirit, always looking for answers to her questions, through writing books. She is a member of the Hellenic Authors’ Society. PSYCHOGIOS Publications have published her novels LIFE GAMES and DAUGHTERS OF THE DAWN.