The years with the cyclamens

The years with the cyclamens - NEW
The years with the cyclamens - NEW
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"... I uproot a stone from the earth I took copper from deep and engraved debt ... to touch the ball children to distinguish security. " Lyrics of Cypriot poet Sot. II. Barnabas Debt to the next generation, who hears the facts historic result of the place and think it's a fairy tale. With these sentiments and with the gurgle of water from the headwaters of Karavas and with the roaring of Famagusta sea and Acheropoiitou ears and heart of Helen grew up, gazing Pentadaktylos, and her friend Iphigenia in closed from the mountains of Troodos village. The friendship will unite and squadrons from Pentadaktylos will watch ... Like the subtle scent of cyclamen in the air will bring them a little breath ... "Many times in the classroom while teaching history, I was asked to leave the typical book and talk to them about the '55, the '74. And I did! I consider it my great debt even if it were not in matter! But it was in the matter of our DNA, in matter of our earth, the contents of our site! Thus inspired and began to narrate the events ... Amount due to my children! Debt to my students! Debt grandparents and my grandparents, refugees from Karavas Kyrenia and from Izmir and Gul Baxe Asia Minor! Debt to my father, who fought and loved the Greek Idea! Debt ourselves, who betrayed try to pick our songs and to stand resistance. To gather the heme soils of our country and the lefterosoume from any intruder! "

By Maria Peratikou-Kokaraki. 448 pages. Paperback. Imported. Livanis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-14-2991-5